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Jireh Travel Agency Azerbaijan

“Jireh Tours & Travel Agency” offers a wide range of tours in the countries of Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Tajikistan and the UAE. Our tours range from individual to group tours, from adventurous to luxury tours. We offer tours such as ski, ecological, VIP, cultural, training, historical and desert tours. We can also tailor a special tour package for you with a personal touch.

Jireh Travel Agency Tbilisi

Jireh New Tbilisi is the branch of Jireh Hotel & Travel Agency in Georgia, Tbilisi. Includes Jireh Travel Agency, Hotel and also Apartment located in the best part of Tbilisi. Our honor is to serve our guest in the places they deserve and also operate tours for them what they looking for! Besides this your VIP transfer is provided by Jireh.


Jireh Multi Country Packages

Jireh tours are pleased to be able to offer you a variety of destinations for you to include in your tour that includes Iran and the surrounding region. These multi-country tours allow you to visit Iran and its neighboring countries on what we call a compound tour. Currently, we support tours to Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Tajikistan.

Jireh Hotel

Jireh Hotel is located in the historic and scenic Old City of Baku, designated as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The lovely beaches of the Caspian Sea and the city’s architectural treasures come together with stylish shopping centers to create an unparalleled mix of timeless and modern enjoyments in Azerbaijan’s “City of the Wind.”

Jireh Royal Apartments

Jireh Royal Apartments are in a great central location and beside the Caspian Sea with an amazing view. This is a part of Baku where you can easily access the main attractions of the city. From there you can walk to the edge of the Caspian Sea and you are also very close to the main tourist attraction: the Old City of Baku.


Jireh Transfer Services

Jireh Vip Transfer services provide the different types of transportation vehicles with different capacity. For the different size of the group tours and airport transfer services. Mercedes Benz Vito with 7 Persons Capacity, Toyota Land Cruiser with 7 person capacity and middle bus, Mercedes Benz Sprinter with 20 person capacity.


What people are saying !
We enjoyed a lot by taking a compound tour included Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran which all services was offered by Jireh, accommodations, excursions, visa, guides…
It was a great experience for us, adventurous travelers. We loved the places we visited in terms of historical and natural. From the point of view of the Jireh hotels, I should say the rooms were superb, and the main thing I should say about the accommodation was their excellent locations and friendly staff.
We are really thankful to the management and personnel of the Jireh Hotel in Baku. They have become our true partners and friends who are assiduous, buoyant, sincere and always helpful to render more than just work.
These warmhearted people welcome us and our tourists to feel at home.


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