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zerbaijan is a land that is blessed by beautiful nature, pure culture, honorable history, ancient monuments, unique costumes, handicrafts and carpets and so many other cultural attractions; having the capacity to meet every traveler’s type of interests. Azerbaijan is situated in Front-Asia in the eastern part of the Trans Caucasus. The nearest bordering and neighboring countries to Azerbaijan are Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and the Russian Federation (Dagestan Republic). The eastern part of Azerbaijan is surrounded by the Caspian Sea; the biggest lake in the world.
Capital: Baku
Climate: Land of four seasons
Population: 9.8 million
Currency: Manat
Area: 86,600 km2
Nature: Forests, mountains, seashore, amazing geological formations
Art and Architecture: Blessed by both modern and ancient architecture – full of masterpieces



The land of fire “Azerbaijan” has more than you imagine to be discovered. Just click here to choose your favorite city.

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